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Winter Education for Northern Gardeners

I have learned that winter should not be "off time" for gardeners. Winter provides the perfect opportunity for planning and doing. Planning can involve so many things -- planning what you plan to grow in the new year, planning for succession planting in a set of beds, planning for new garden beds, planning to purchase or install greenhouses and cold frames. Winter can also be time for doing things in addition to planning. Removing dead plants from the previous year, adding to compost piles, and beginning the set up for new beds can all occur during the winter months.

General education about vegetable gardening and mini-farming is also a great pursuit for gardeners during the winter months. I am continuously trying to learn new things from other gardeners. I have been watching a lot of YouTube videos involving gardening and I just wanted to share links to two of my favorite YouTube gardening programs so far. I like these particular educators because of the great information that they share, and also because I find their videos to be very soothing for some reason. Here are the links:

Charles Dowding:

Melissa K. Norris

Just so you know, Mr. Dowding's emphasis is on the no-dig method and composting. Ms. Norris's covers a wide variety of topics focused on achieving 100% economic self-sufficiency but with particular focus on gardening. I am a very open-minded person and I try to learn from as many different people and sources as possible so please don't interpret these links as a promotion of the methods that they discuss. I simply found that they both provide a lot of useful information and I find their videos very enjoyable and inspirational to watch.

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